MTech Training Update: Promise Ebitu & Friends Empowers Uyo Youths.

Promise Ebitu
MTech Training Update: Promise Ebitu & Friends Empowers Uyo Youths.

As an advocate and a passionate nation-builder, Mr Promise Ebitu and friends organized the second batch of MTech Training for the unemployed, young entrepreneurs and business owners. This is the first MTech training organized for the youths in Uyo Akwa Ibom State as he has planned to follow up with several other training.

The Media Technology training (M-Tech) focused on establishing opportunity and empowering the youths on video and audio production, branding, live sound and Lighting. The training was held on the 14th and 15th of October 2019 at Insight Bible Church, Plot 227, Nsisak Eduok Avenue Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria had about 60 attendees.

During the training, the facilitators discussed topics within the highlighted faculties as they exposed the youths to secrets that can help empower their business in lighting, filming, editing, audio recording, mixing and mastering amongst others.

Also, the programme revealed the strength, weakness, opportunities and threat associated with the use of media technology and how the youths can tap into its opportunities to position themselves.

At the end of the training, the attendees had a robust knowledge of the media technology industry within the bracket of the highlighted faculties.

This training at Uyo Akwa Ibom State is coming after Promise Ebitu completed the Lagos session of the MTech with so many testimonies rolling in.

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Promise Ebitu   Promise Ebitu Promise Ebitu Promise Ebitu Promise Ebitu Promise Ebitu



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  1. I wish to be here… God bless Mr ebitu

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      1. 07084007233, Airtel

        1. God bless you for all r empowering we youth

  2. Amazing, more blessings.

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      1. Teewaipreneur


  3. Great Nice one boss

    1. 08063302815

  4. Knowledge is power , with this impartation lives will be changed both in the short and long time. Bravo Ebitu Promise. Thanks

    1. Drop your Azar

  5. Great work guys

    1. Great work guys

    2. 08167315137 MTN network

  6. Nice move for entrepreneurs
    God bless Ebitu

  7. weldone sir,may God continue to strengthen you

  8. Great job you guys did over there.
    God bless you

  9. Great innovation
    More grease boss

    1. 07034328867 mtn ebitu cares

  10. Great innovation
    More grease

  11. When will you come to Lagos with this amazing opportunity.

  12. Uncle I’m Interested In The Live Sound Training.. When Will You Do This Program In Lagos??

  13. This will go a long way in dealing with unemployment…. It gives me joy to see citizens doing for one another than the govt can ever do….. Kudos sir

    1. Drop your Azar

  14. A very good initiative, will help in development of the youths through achieving their goals

  15. The training gives opportunities to unemployed youths and young entrepreneus that have interest in lighting, filming, editing, audio recording, mixing and mastering amongst others

  16. Looks like a well Planned program. Would be glad if this can be held in Lagos.

    1. Drop your Azar

  17. A great human capital development for the youths of Akwa ibom state.
    I pray God gives Ebitu and friends the strength to take this to different parts of Nigeria. God bless.

  18. 2 daus of intense training from these professionals…God will continue to bless Ebitu and friends immensely

  19. In all you do seek knowledge and wisdom for out of it are the issues of Life.

  20. Interesting

  21. Would have love to be there

  22. Great idea and opportunity

  23. How I wish I can be a partaker….. This is really nice…. You are doing much more than the 3 tiers of govt put together….. Your name will be written in gold boss…..

  24. Great empowerment and opportunity

  25. This is a very good initiative

  26. Its a very good step in enlightenment around Nigeria and it will help in boosting the media technology awareness in nigeria….you guys are a blessing to us and we are very grateful

  27. #Ebituspeaks. Thank you for empowering us

  28. What a nice innovation kudos to Sir Ebitucares I hope this participants follow up on this and create a niche for themselves

    1. What a wonderful empowerment scheme by@ebitucares

  29. Nice one Promise Ebitu. God bless you and your team. Pls, MTech should also reach Benin.

  30. Wow! More grace sir

  31. I’m very sure its a great event…

    1. 08050503770

  32. You’ve really Empowered the people of Uyo through this media tech Training.
    From Video Production to lighting to Audio Production down to branding and live sound.
    We look forward to seeing you Empower more people across the country and even outside the country.
    Its good that we have people like you out there ready to enpower and impact into the lives of this generation.
    Thank you so much and God bless you.

  33. It’s been a great privilege to learn under you… Am proud to say i can stand on my own.. You have giving me a lifeline and also a room to improve. God Bless You MTECH.

  34. I don’t kwn if this is particularly for uyo both us in the north will love if we can get the same opportunity Bauchi state to be precise…. Good job you are doing may the Lord blessings always be with you guys

  35. This is really cool. More grace sir..
    Please when will you come to Owerri.?

  36. God bless Ebitu and friends

  37. Wao this wonderful, thanks to my boss sir EBITU for making me notice this

  38. This is really great thing you are doing to the youth and entrepreneurs.
    I wish you will have the course, strength and grace to extend it to other states and of course Support. May God strengthen and bless you.
    Technology is the key

  39. Nice work Sir Ebitu, i hope you come down to Bayelsa ASAP More Grace Sir

  40. Great job bro, more grace for work ahead

  41. The mtech training in uyo with host Ebitu speaking to the attendees to have a robust knowledge about media in the industry

  42. It very educative and engaging….it mind blowing opportunity..God bless you and increase you in knowledge

  43. That’s good

  44. Awesome!!!
    Weldon boss!!!

  45. I have known UYO to be the capital of Technology learning. This was due to my involvement in some Blockchain Technology inspired meetings that I have come across. This will be beneficial to every participants in terms of networking, knowledge and fun. God bless Ebitu and friends for being mentors even when Government fails us.

  46. Will love to have this kind of opportunity in Ibadan

    1. We are making plans to get across all the states in Nigeria.

      1. Nice 09022810828 Airtel

  47. The training was spot on base on the pictures posted and I believe the trainee put everything to use because the essence of the training is to change a life.

    God bless Me Ebitu Promise and friends for doing this

    My shout out to Miss Grace who was one of the trainee

    Hope someday people of Port Harcourt will witness this.

  48. God bless you sir with the advanced of helping youth to achieve success.


  50. Commendable

  51. MTechUyo was so fantastic.. I saw the video and the pictures… So encouraging..I really gained by watching the video on my friend’s phone because I was not in attendance as a result of circumstances beyond my control… In the video I learnt how I could improve my business as an entrepreneur (fashion designer)by knowing the strength, weakness, opportunities and threat associated with the uses of media technology. Since then, my business has grown and improved through media technological…I’m proud to be a Fashionpreneur…..
    A very big thank you to Mr Ebitu Promise for sharing in his knowledge to bless me…God bless you!

    1. Thanks so much, I appreciate your feedback.

  52. This is so insightful. May God bless Ebitu and his team for this wonderful training. May God continue to bless you more and also enlarge you

  53. Thanks for enlightening youths on media technology

  54. This is a great feet… I hope and pray you achieve more …

  55. I’m so much grateful for what Mr Ebitu has done for me by imparting knowledge into my life. MTechUyo has made me to realise how I could establish a business on my own through the technological method … As a student, I’m so proud to be an entrepreneur …. I’ve been making my cool cash since then…
    Thanks so much!.God bless!

  56. GOOD WORK EMPOWERING YOUTHS, the spirit of #Brotherskeeper….@iliinkin

    1. Big ups empowering youths

  57. It pains me till today that I missed the programme. I would so much love to be in the next one as I have interest in (film) editing, I see it was a bomber-pack seminar.
    I pray God help you; Ebitu and friends, for the good works you people are doing already.

    1. Don’t miss 2020 Edition

  58. An advocate with a difference

  59. 08164077232

  60. Wow. Greatest heights. Mtn 08106583284

  61. Nice

    1. 08080633006 Airtel

  62. 08137907594

  63. 08124360936 airtel. God bless you

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