NIMC website hacked, millions of NIN belonging to Nigerians stolen

NEWS DIGEST – Not less than three million National Identity Numbers of Nigerians have been ripped off by an internet fraudster who break into the website belonging to the National Identity Management Commission known as NIMC.

NIMC is the body charged with the registration of National Identity Numbers (NIN) in the country. The policy of any Nigerian not having a NIN had resulted in failure to register for a new sim card, bank account creation and many other official registrations that concerns an individual.

The hacker while disclosing how he gained access to disrupt and details of Nigerians from the NIMC website and said in an article he tweeted via with the handle @InfoSecComm as juicy access on the website of the federal government agency.

On his website, he said he can however proceed with the hacked NIN to do whatever he likes with them and any other sensitive data with him.

The hacker displayed a covered NIN belonging to a Nigerian with the article he called, “A TALE OF 5250$ : HOW I ACCESSED MILLIONS OF USER’S DATA INCLUDING THEIR NATIONAL ID’S”

The hacker disclosed by saying, “I just simply got access to their (Nigeria) data of internal files, users and everything they have. I can download everything, even the whole bucket. I am sure that the bucket is full of juice.

“I wanted to look at more files but as we have to follow bug bounty rules I stopped doing more.

“I’ve got one more s3 bucket with nuclei and it also contained about 4–5 gigs of data.

“I’ve rewarded 5250$ for only one report and 0$ for the second one even it contained so much sensitive data.”

On the 4th of January, 2021, a Twitter user with the handle @xymbiz, had complained of the inability of NIMC to differentiate between those working with the commission and those who are taking that medium of being a NIMC registration standpoint to illegally get sensitive information of Nigerians.

He tweeted, “Hello @nimc_ng, I’ve noticed there are so many registration points for NIN. How can one verify they are legitimate?”

“These people collect a lot of personal information and they can’t even produce a means of identification indicating they are affiliated or in partnership with you.”

“This is a big problem because I’ve seen cases of NIN not recognised and this may be one of the issues.”

“Some of them get angry when you ask them for a means of identification.”

With the report of the hacker tampering on NIN of Nigerians and other sensitive information, reactions have trailed it as many Nigeria fault the government and the Nigerian minister, Issa Pantami.

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